Art Work Information


Union Label

Available upon request.


Over Runs And Under Runs

We make every effort to ship exactly the amount ordered. However, all orders are subject to a 5% over-or-under run and will be considered complete for invoicing.


Art Preparation Charges

Art Charges are shown throughout the product pages. Art charges can be avoided by supplying computer generated art on disk, E-mail, or camera ready artwork.


Camera ready is...

    Complete art, including all copy to be reproduced exactly as submitted.

    Ready to scan, no tap, folds, ect.

    Needs no touch up or design rearranging.

    Always black & white, no grays or colors

    Photo copies or faxed artwork is not considered camera ready.


    Four Color Process printing requires special quotations.

Guide Lines For Computer Generated Art

We accept CDs & E-mail (


Accepted programs are Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXPress & Adobe Photoshop.


When using Illustrator, convert all type to outline form. If this cannot be accomplished, include all of the screen & printer fonts used to create your document.


Be sure to include any placed images used in creating the document. They must be saved as a TIFF or EPS file


Any full color artwork created in Photoshop must be saved as CMYK colors not RGB.