JKA Specialties Policies:


PRODUCTION TIME... 5-7 Working Days

Some products have Next Day Services.



Black and white paper proof $10.00(P). Actual production proof $50.00(P) plus art charges, for a one color imprint. Add $30.00(p) for each additional color. Only art charges can be applied against the production order.


Color Matches

We make every effort to match PMS colors when specified. However we cannot guarantee exact color match. PMS colors are not available on hot stamped ribbons. Color match on paper $10.00(P)


Cancellation Charges

Based on the amount of work completed. Minimum charge once order is entered is $20.00(P)


Returned Goods Policy

Merchandise may not be returned without factory authorization. All returned goods authorization requests must be made within 10 working days.


Less Than Minimum Orders

Please Call for information.


Foreign Shipments

For Canadian and foreign shipments, submit necessary forms. Additional handling charge of $10.00(X) per exported order.


Over Runs And Under Runs

We make every effort to ship exactly the amount ordered. However, all orders are subject to a 5% over-or-under run and will be considered complete for invoicing.



Visa and MasterCard are accepted on most orders. For new customers a deposit of 50% is due upon receipt of an order and balance is due upon completion, either COD or by credit card payment.


Please identify repeat orders with previous invoice or reference number and date produced.